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Born and raised in Holland, I now live in Dublin, Ireland, with my wife and three children. With a background in advertising, I now call myself a “web developer” and I co-own Visual ID, a company that provides digital asset management solutions to its customers.

I enjoy music and reading when I’m not stuck looking at some sort of digital display. Irish music, notably the uilleann pipes, is what attracted me to Ireland originally, although I now seldom play – which is not good.

I have gone through the various stages of having an Internet presence – Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube… I can be found on Google and have emails going back to the 80s. The one thing that was missing was a blog – until now.

Somewhere to keep my more elaborate musings, I guess. Time will tell if this is another one of those fads that fade.

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  1. Long time no speak. I accidentally came across your blog. Didn’t know you played the pipes. I play piano and guitar myself when I force myself away for a damned screen.

    Hop you are well. Maybe do lunch and chat about music and business ideas.


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Musings of a Dutchman in Dublin